About Your Care

Your Initial VisitMan spine

Please allow up to 60 minutes for your initial visit to Mid City Chiropractic, which includes:

1. Registration

2. History of your complaint and any concerns you may have
3. Physical exam-including orthopedic and neurological tests, and assessment of muscle and joint function, posture, and range of motion

4. Plan-discussion of your diagnosis and how we can work together to get you better in the shortest time possible

5. Treatment-which may include stretches, soft tissue therapy (such as Graston Technique® or active release), rehabilitation exercises, therapeutic modalities (like ice, heat, muscle stimulation, or ultrasound), spinal manipulation or mobilization, and/or functional home activities


Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Churchill will place her hands on the affected area of your body in a precise way to apply motion to your joints. Usually a small, quick impulse is made. A “popping” of the joint may be heard, but this is not a requirement for effective treatment. This sound is simply the release of gas from within the joint capsule.


ActivatorMotion can also be applied to the joints of the spine and extremities with an Activator Instrument. This is a gentler, less forceful technique that has been proven to achieve similar treatment results. It is an excellent alternative, especially for pediatric or elderly patients.


Depending on patient preference, mobilization is also an alternative form of joint release that may be used. It is a softer technique that does not involve a quick impulse or thrust. Instead, movement of the joint occurs through rhythmic motions applied in a precise way.


Treatment DurationLady on ball

The time required to resolve a patient’s complaint is different for each person. Factors such as a patient’s level of active involvement in their care, stress at work or at home, a poor work environment, severity and chronicity of the problem, past treatment results,prior injuries, and overall health of the patient can affect how a person responds to chiropractic care.


At Mid City Chiropractic, we will not put you on a treatment plan that is the same as every other person that walks through the door. We will devise a treatment plan that fits YOU and your individual lifestyle and what you are seeking from care.


Once people experience the benefits of chiropractic care and how great it makes them feel, many people choose to make regular adjustments part of their health care routine.


Phases of Care

Acute care is the initial phase when the goal is to decrease pain and inflammation and muscle spasm (in the first few days after an injury). Treatment often includes the use of therapeutic modalities, such as ultrasound, cold laser, or electrical stimulation. Often, stretching and soft tissue therapy is integral in this phase. Adjustments are done as indicated.


Remobilization is the phase of care when the goal is to increase flexibility and mobility to your muscles and joints. Treatment will include stretches, soft tissue treatments, and spinal mobilization and/or manipulation.


Rehabilitation focuses on preventing recurrences, with more emphasis onBalance
endurance, coordination, balance, and strength and flexibility training/exercises.

Research has showed that the early introduction of exercise into a treatment plan will speed the healing process and help to prevent future occurrences. Ultimately, the goal is to teach patients to control pain through the use of exercise and postural awareness.